We Simplify the Complex

At Seven Summits Consulting, we are the number gurus who actually enjoy doing your taxes. Tax laws often change and can be complex — but that’s where we come in. From individual and business tax preparation to understanding multi-state filing obligations, and everything in between – we know how to navigate these complicated waters to ensure alignment with your business' long-term goals.

Whatever your tax needs, let us help you ensure it is done right.

Tax Preparation

Seven Summits Consulting provides professional tax preparation for individuals, businesses, exempt organizations and benefit plan tax fillings. Additionally, we provide insight and guidance to individuals and business owners regarding multi-state and local compliance filings through nexus studies and appointment planning.
  • Individual
    • Multi-state Taxes
  • Business
    • Partnerships
    • Corporations
    • LLCs
    • Multi-state Taxes
    • Nonprofit Tax Services

Tax Planning

We are available to support year-end tax planning and help you plan for the future. Tax planning helps reduce your tax liability by using of all permissible allowances , deductions, concessions, exemptions, rebates, exclusions and more, available under the statute. Objectives of tax planning include:

Reduction of tax liability:

You can save the maximum amount of tax by properly arranging your operations as per the requirements of the law, within the framework of the statute.

Productive investment:

One of the major objectives of tax planning is the channelization of taxable income to different investment plans. It aims at the optimum utilization of resources for productive causes and relieving you from tax liability.

Minimization of Litigation:

There is a war-like situation between the taxpayers and tax collectors as the former wants the tax liability to be minimum while the latter attempts to extract the maximum. Proper tax planning aims at conforming to the provisions of the tax law to minimize the incidence of litigation.  

Tax Problems

We work diligently with you to resolve unfiled tax return issues and work with taxing agencies to minimize penalties and interest.

  • Unfiled Late Tax Returns
  • Owed Back Taxes
  • Payment plans for taxing agencies

Other Tax Services

From personal property tax declarations to Form 1099/1096 filings, and even your Annual State Report Filings, we have your back.

Business personal property taxes are one of the largest recurring operating expenses associated with owning tangible assets. Owners are often unaware of what items or costs are taxable, what items are being assessed or how their property is valued. Understanding these issues can often produce a property tax savings.

Furthermore, if you pay an independent contractor to perform services for your company or business, then you likely need to report their pay to the IRS and to the contractor via Form 1099. This form is an information return used to help businesses and individuals accurately report their income on their tax returns. Further complicating this reporting requirement are the various state compliance filings as it relates to 1099s. Each state may require different filing requirements and responsibilities, which can be cumbersome. We offer simple solutions for electronically filing, printing and mailing your essential tax reporting forms. Electronic filing offers numerous advantages for your business.